The Sand Dollar

There are lovely sights to behold on Destin beach

From the beautiful white sands of Destin, FL to the sea creatures that never cease to amaze even the most skeptic. One such creature is the sand dollar, classified as an echinoderm, the sand dollar typically lives buried in the sand of shallow coastal waters. Sand dollars can often be found on the beaches of Destin.

Sand dollars in Destin, FL

Living sand dollar

Legends abound as to the mystery of the sand dollars, some refer to the sand dollar as coins of the lost people of Atlantis or mermaid coins. Some Christians speculate that Jesus Christ left the sand dollar as a symbol of the wounds he suffered on the cross. Including the symbolism of the dove representing peace, resurrection, and hope. Even the Greek mythology has legends of the sand dollar representing Aristotle’s lantern.

While the mystery of the sand dollar fascinates and intrigues the imagination the pursuit of finding sand dollars on the beach is a fun adventure.

Find sand dollars on Destin beach!

Sand Dollar washed ashore

At Sea Oats, the last of its kind beachfront motel, we encourage family oriented activities such as sand dollar and sea shell hunting. Adults and children alike enjoy the activities that only a beach can offer.

In addition to the activities nature has provided we offer Yolo board rental, wave runner rentals, sailing, and other activities at reasonable rates. Our accommodations are designed with your comfort in mind with fully equipped kitchens for meal preparation for your family as well as convenient location to the beach and area restaurants and attractions.

There is fun for everyone at Sea Oats Motel.

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