2014 – Year of the Beach!

The Sea Oats Motel in Destin declares 2014 as the Year of the Beach!

If you have always wanted to but have never had a beach vacation this is the year to do it.

Of course, every year is about the beach for us here at The Sea Oats. The beach is what primarily drives people to come visit here. The beach is therapeutic, fun and enjoyable.
Is one beach as good as another? No!

Destin beaches are by far some of the most beautiful in the world!

Why is that? If you haven’t already noticed the beaches here are thick, white and sandy and practically glisten in the sun.

Other beaches in Florida are gray or brown, flatter and rockier than our beaches are. Ours are almost fluffy!

This means you not only get to enjoy playing on the beach, sunning on the beach, you get to enjoy looking at the beach.

There was a time in history when Doctors would prescribe the “sea” and the beach as a healing therapy!

Have you not noticed how much better you feel when you are enjoying the beach? Have you not noticed an improvement in your mood and overall relaxation when at the beach?

Sure, there is more to Destin than the beach. But overall, the beach is what brings people here. Let’s face it, we are blessed to have and enjoy the beach.

Keep our beaches just as clean and nice as you have found them, please. Nobody enjoys a littered beach. Nobody wants to look at wet, dirty diapers left carelessly lying on the beach. Nobody likes your old beer cans or potato chip bags.

The beach is a treasure to this community. Let’s keep it that way!

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