A Million Points Of Light

Everyone loves the beaches here in Destin!

Sea Oats Motel can be your Sweet Escape!!They provide a gorgeous backdrop for a day of fun as we splash in the water and lay out in the sand. The sound of laughter carrying through the air as the sun casts a million points of light on the emerald waters.

But at the night the beach takes its atmosphere to the other side of the coin. The hustle and bustle is replaced with solitude and serenity. The only sounds usually heard are of the crashing waves and the occasional bird. The million points of light that were just on the waves earlier are now in the skies.

When you look up at the skies above on a clear night here you can clearly see countless stars and you may even catch a glimpse of the Big Dipper! Sit on your private balcony and gaze at the stars. Be sure to include your children, if you have any, in the stargazing. Help them find the constellations.

The vastness of the Gulf of Mexico at night is quite amazing.

In the distance often you will see a small beacon of light from a fishing boat or cruise ship. Let your imagination go as you try to figure out what those lights are.

Occasionally you will see someone carrying a flashlight on the beach searching for crabs, or shells. Some just enjoy walking on the beach at night. If you choose to do this, take a buddy with you for safety precautions.

Nights in Destin truly are special. It doesn’t matter if you are star gazing on the beach or out enjoying a nice meal at one of Destin’s many restaurants, there’s magic in the air.

There is lots to see and do here. Make sure to take in as much as you can while you can. The adventures are here and yours for the taking!

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