A Taste Of Something Different

We all enjoy an afternoon filled with a little fun in the sun on these great beaches but sometimes you just want something different.

Destin is one of over a dozen communities that each has their own charm and style and they are all worth the time and effort to check out. Why not start your quest for something moreĀ in Seaside where you can treat all of your sensesĀ to something different yet insanely fantastic? After all, if Paramount Pictures thought SeasideĀ was good enough to film The Truman Show, don’t you think you should see what it has to offer?

While you’re exploring the charming community of Seaside and experiencing a different way to live, take the time to make sure your palette gets in on the fun by sampling the eats from the Food Airstreams. This collection of vintage Airstream trailers puts out some of the most delectable delights you could ever treat yourself to. This is more than your standard street food. These classic dishesĀ are living up to their potential; gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, organic hot dogs, hormone-free beef and pork BBQ and more. This is food taken to an entirely different level.

Grab a table and some help and let the taste tests commence!

Exploring the neighboring communities is fun but eventually the day must come to an end and it’s always reassuring to know that you can return to a clean and comfortable room here at Sea Oats in amazing Destin, Florida. You can walk the few steps to the beach to take a stroll next to the glimmering waters and talk about what you’ve discovered that day or you can share your experiences in the pool with beverages and laughs.

Sea Oats is located on Scenic Hwy 98 which is close enough to the main roads to get you to your destination ASAP but far enough away from all the crowds and noise. Call us today atĀ 833-803-3320 to make your reservation in this piece of paradise known as the Emerald Coast. Our friendly and courteous staff is also available to answer any questions you may have on rates and availability. We look forward to seeing you!



Photo credit: Courtesy of afar.com