That Aha Moment

Most of us for sure have had our share of “aha moments.”

How about locking your keys in the car just as you are unloading your suitcases, happens quite a bit around here!  Or, stepping into the elevator and waiting, and waiting for you to push the button of the floor you want, duh!

How about getting in line at the grocery and seeing a shorter line to move to it just in time for the checker to go on break?

How about being two cents short on your car payment and getting a late fee?  Oh yeah, that does happen.

Those “aha moments” in life keep us on our toes, looking at our calendars and checking our messages often.

There are some wonderful “aha moments” as well, like the birth of your first child or when they take their first steps or learn to drive.

The “aha” moment doesn’t have to be a bad happening, it can be a great moment in life as well.

How about the time you arrived at the airport a day early for your flight thinking you were leaving today?  Happens!

The Sea Oats Motel welcomes you to Destin and the land of AH moments.  You will say AH when you hit the beach for the first time this year.  You say AH when you dive into the swimming pool for the first time this year.  When you step into your condo.  When you try on you new shorts and sandals.  When you fall asleep on a lounger by the pool.

Whats your favorite AHA moment?