Always Be Prepared

Destin’s most popular draw without a doubt would have to be the beaches.

They’re beautiful, fun and relaxing. Everybody tends to have a great time when they’re out on the beach.

Even the best of days can have unexpected occurrences. Things could go wrong at a moment’s notice. Nobody wants to think about those kinds of things but we can’t afford that kind of inattentiveness in our reality so it’s always best to make sure you are prepared.

Here are a few tips that can keep you out of harm’s way during certain situations at the beach.

Before you or your kids get in the water, check for warning flags. The flags are extremely helpful because they let you know what you’re in for or whether you should stay out altogether.

Strong currents and undertow can grab a swimmer and bring them out to sea if they aren’t careful. Keep calm and check for dangerous areas before you attempt to get in the water to save them.

If lifeguards aren’t available, get other help in getting the victim out of the water safely. If you know how to do CPR and the victim needs it, then do it. Have someone dial 911 for you.

Even before the temperatures get high you need to watch our for dehydration. When the days become scorchers, heat exhaustion and stroke are concerns to watch for. Combat these things by packing plenty of fluids and making sure that breaks are taken in the shade, especially after a lot of physical activity.

If you suspect somebody is having a heat stroke then remain calm. Cool them down quickly and get help. Rapid response in these types of situations are critical.

We try to maintain the beaches as best as we can but unfortunately some people don’t care about their littering. Be mindful when you walk that you don’t step on broken glass. A more natural problem may be broken shells. Either one of these will end a pleasurable walk rather quickly. If you do end up cutting yourself then make sure you use alcohol wipes to thoroughly clean the wound. If the wound is large then make sure you keep pressure applied until help arrives.

Sea Oats truly hopes that you never get put into these situations. We want everybody to have a great time but to make sure they do it safely. Use caution at all times.

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