Parasailing in Destin

Be a Kid Again in Destin!

There’s still time to be a kid, especially when you are on vacation in Destin here at The Sea Oats Motel.

One thing about it, kids usually don’t quit dreaming and making wishes.  Isn’t it time for you to make a wish?

What would you wish for if you knew you could do it on your vacation?  Are you looking for an afternoon of massage and spa treatments?  Let your wish be known to your family and make it happen in Destin.

There are some terrific spas here and there are also massage therapists who will come to your room and give you a massage.  How is that for a wish come true?

What if your wish for the day was a delicious fresh seafood dinner?  Let your wish come true at one of our fabulous seafood restaurants here in Destin.

Don’t stop there what else could you wish for today?

Did the kids get a turn wishing?  How about they wished for a helicopter tour of Destin?  Make it happen!  That is a fun family outing and a great way to experience Destin.

Have you stopped wishing already?  How about the Dolphin Cruise?  Or the Parasailing adventure you always wanted to try but was a little afraid of?

Whatever your vacation wish may be there  is a very good possibility it can happen here in Destin.  The Sea Oats Motel will help you find answers to questions if you have any, just let us know what you are looking for.

Make your wishes come true today in Destin, call us at 833-803-3320.