Beach Bum Dreams

Who doesn’t dream of becoming a beach bum?

Admit it, you have thought about it at some time or another in your life! Beach bums! What a life!

How do you picture being a beach bum? Do you picture a guy lying on a hammock with a cooler full of ice cold beer and peanuts for sale? Maybe he sells peanuts and beer to make a living (maybe that is allowed somewhere in this fictional beach bum story).

Maybe the beach bum is a millionaire who has retired and bought a home right on the beach.

The Sea Oats Motel in Destin can be your Beach Bum getaway!

Maybe he or she spends all of their days just hanging out at the beach. Is the fantasy too far fetched?

Not really. There are folks who have done exactly that, retired and bought a beach home. Is that a realistic goal for you? Why not?

If you have ever used Hawaiian Tropics, the suntan oil and related products, maybe you have heard about the founder, Ron Rice.

Rice had seen women on the beach using homemade products made from coconut and avocado oils when he decided to try making some himself. He mixed his first batch in his garage in a garbage can, borrowed $500 from his father and the rest is history. The business is highly successful and Ron Rice the proverbial beach bum success story.

Maybe your dream can still come true. Certainly won’t hurt to try!

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