Beach Multitasking

When you come to Sea Oats, your unit will be mere steps away from some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

Aside from being extremely enjoyable, walking on the beach provides many awesome benefits.

There’s no better setting to enjoy a relaxing walk. In fact the setting alone could help you walk further than you normally would on the street or on a track.

If you want added motivation then think about the other benefits a leisurely stroll on the Emerald Coast can bring.

Have great beach times at The Sea Oats Motel.Walking on the sand takes a little more energy since the ground moves under your feet. What usually is a boring walk on the sidewalk now becomes a calorie buster on the sand, expending almost twice as much energy.

The sand acts as a cushion on your feet. Walking in the sand tones the muscles of your legs, a nice perk for improving your physique!!

Walking in the warm sunshine on the beach is a great way to soak up extra Vitamin D. Most of us are reportedly lacking in Vitamin D partly due to not getting enough sunshine.a>

Vitamin D is essential to healthy bones, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Vitamin D can help with diabetes, arthritis, and improve the immune system. What a wonderful way to “take” your Vitamin D!

Walking barefoot on the beach barefoot in the sand has the added benefit of exfoliating dead skin from your feet as you walk. The soles of your feet will get a nice massage as you walk and your circulation gets an added boost.

While you exercise your body, make sure you also exercise common sense. Watch where you’re going, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and avoid walking in the heat of the day. Early morning or evenings are usually the best time to avoid an unpleasant burn. Not only will these times reduce your exposure to the harmful UV rays, but you’ll most likely avoid the crowds as well.

Photo Credit: SoWal.com

To make the time even more enjoyable, bring someone along with you! Take the time to forge a stronger relationship, catch up on what’s going on in life. A little small talk and a partner to share the walk with can make it a lot more fun and make it feel less like work.

If you don’t have someone with you or if you prefer to make the trek solo, bring some music with you and just pop in your earbuds. Walks like these are a great time to reflect on what’s going on in your life and to ponder any issues that may be troubling you. In fact, the beauty of the beach can inspire creativity and help you find a solution to your troubles that may have escaped you earlier!

It’s incredible how one walk can do so much for you. Multitasking has never been so stress relieving!

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