Beach Vacation In Destin

So you have just arrived in the beautiful paradise, now what to do?

It’s no secret that Destin is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

Sea Oats has come up with 4 exciting beach activities for you and your family to enjoy while you are here. What better way to spend your vacation then on the beach soaking up the Florida sun.

First thing you need to do when you get here is do absolutely nothing, believe it or not.

Let it sink in that you’re on vacation with no stress, no schedule and no worries. How relaxing and peaceful would it be to just sit on the sugary white sands of Destin, listen to the waves crash down and get a tan. You’ll be able to share some of life’s most precious moments with your family and not have to care about anything else.

Second thing you can do is have a memorable family beach photo shoot done.

What better way to capture your amazing vacation in Destin with your loved ones than a beautiful beach portrait? Bring some of your best outfits for yourself and family members and create one of the best souvenirs that can be forever treasured.

Third thing you can do is learn how to surf.

You don’t have to be a professional, just have fun and try something new. It’s thrilling to be able to explore and be adventurous when you’re on vacation. Isn’t that what’s it all about? Let loose and get on those waves. You can get lessons from “Ride on Surf School” and in no time you’ll be ridin’ those waves and impressing everyone around.

Fourth thing you can do is go Surf Fishing.

Since you’ll be staying at Sea Oats or already have arrived and our accommodations are located directly on the beach, it would be perfect for you to try surf fishing. All the tools you’ll need are close by. It’s easier than you would imagine. You cast right off the beach and if you’re lucky and use the correct equipment you can catch Pompano, Red Fish and King Fish. It will be a blast and you’ll enjoy spending time in the sun on the beach.

Sea Oats is excited to welcome you to our home located right on some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world.

Give us a call today 833-803-3320 and let us create a customized vacation just for you.