Our Beaches Of Quartz

At the Sea Oats Motel, the premier beachfront accommodations on the Emerald Coast, we often compare our one-of-a-kind beaches to priceless jewels and encourage our visitors to get as much beach time in as possible.

In fact, we love our stretch of shoreline so much, we made it a point to include sweeping views of the gulf from every room!

What makes the beaches of Destin, Florida so spectacular, you ask?

Our snow white, sugar fine sand of course! In fact, the beaches of Destin are known the world over for having some of the whitest, softest sand on earth!

But what makes our sand so special?

The sand of our beaches is in a class by itself. It is unbelievably clean, dazzling white and even squeaks when you walk on it like confectioners sugar.

Our sand is like none other anywhere on earth.

A recent study, by Harvard University’s geology department, found that the sand was 99 percent pure quartz crystal, ultimately derived from the southern Appalachian Mountains. Over millenniums, the quartz sand crystals were carried by rivers into the Gulf and down Florida’s coast to the beaches of Destin.

These quartz crystals are very fine, having been perfectly polished by the natural process of erosion and without any coral or shell fragments, the result is sand with an unmatched soft, sugar-like texture.

Our sand is more than just soft… it keeps our beaches cool to the touch during the hot summer days!

Quartz crystal actually helps dissipate the scorching heat of the sun, which means that our sun bathers are not afraid to walk barefoot or even lay directly on the sand instead of a towel! You’ll never need to worry about blisters on your feet when visiting our beaches!

So this summer, come check out the beaches of Destin, recognized the world over for their unmatched beauty and appeal. Book a stay at one of Destin’s original landmarks, the Sea Oats Motel. Our suites, the perfect mixture of comfort and convenience, overlook miles of our pristine beaches which are just steps away from your room.

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