Best Part Of Waking Up

Perk Up Your Day

For those of us that drink coffee we know how that first cup can make sure we put the right foot forward when we start the day.

At the Sea Oats Motel in Destin you can take your first cup of the day to an entirely new level.

Take it on the beach or balcony and soak in the morning sun and revel in the feeling of the cool sea breeze!

With it being so beautiful here in the mornings, coffee may not even be the first thought on your mind when you see the water stretch out in front of you but it can still be a very close second. With that in mind, maybe branching out and enhancing your coffee a little bit can make the moment even better for you.

Want some ideas to really get your day started right by making that cup of “go juice” even more delectable?

Cream. Flavored creams are great but if you get a chance to get some fresh cream don’t pass it up. You won’t be disappointed.

If cream isn’t your thing maybe try a little bit of cocoa powder. Or take a dark chocolate square and let it melt in your coffee for a richer flavor. If you have a hard time putting chocolate in your coffee, remember there are health benefits associated with chocolate so you it owe it to yourself!

Maybe you’re having your coffee at night and want to enjoy it with another adult. In that case try Bailey’s Irish Cream or Kahlua (if you’re on vacation, we won’t judge you if you start the day with this)!

Another fantastic idea is to add coconut oil. It has preventative perks as well as all sorts of other healthy benefits. It’s been a topic of conversation as of late in some health scenes. Adding a little bit to your coffee can provide a pleasant taste and be a great way to start introducing its healthy benefits into your diet.

Of course there are some die hard coffee drinkers out there that insist that taking it any other way other than black is blasphemy and black is just fine, too. The point of your cup of coffee is to enjoy it.

Coffee in itself also has some health benefits in moderation so enjoy it in good conscience! Call us for information or reservations and perk up your day! 833-803-3320.