4th of July is fun at the Sea Oats Motel.

Celebrate the 4th at Sea Oats Motel

Top Reasons to Celebrate Today

The Fourth of July may mean nothing more than picnics and fireworks to most but historically this is quite a day for our nation.

Let’s recap the top reasons we have to celebrate today.

Welcome to Destin and The Sea Oats Motel, Happy Fourth of July

Freedom – we complain, moan, gripe about things in our lives that we don’t like and what we think the government could do better. However, all in all, the United States is still a fantastic place to live and we have more freedoms than most countries.

Opportunity – even in times of economic hardship this country still offers more opportunity to education and financial success than many other places you could live.

Wealth – even our poorest people in this country have more than in some areas of the world. Most people in our country do have access to food, a place to sleep, clothing and basic necessities. If they don’t, there are places they can go to get them.

Beauty – our country has the most beautiful beaches in the world, the most glorious mountains, forests, and all in all beauty.

Peace – we may not all agree on every issue and we may be fighting in other parts of the world but here in the United States we are still for the most part, at peace.

While you may find reasons to disagree and complain you have to admit you still have even that right. We may be outraged about a political issue and we still have the freedom to express that outrage in freedom of speech.

The Sea Oats Motel is proud to be part of such a great country. Call us today for more information on rates and availability at 833-803-3320.
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