Christmas Traditions In Destin

Christmas is a specialĀ timeĀ in which Destin gathersĀ for all the celebratory festivities.

William T. Marler, generally known as “Uncle Billy,” is credited with creating the first Community Christmas Party in 1915 in Destin. He was additionally Destin’s first Santa Claus.

With no power until 1937, the group’s Christmas tree was enriched with segments of popcorn and paper chains, and was lit on account of numerous candles. Later at night when the kids sang along to “Signal Bells,” Santa Claus would make his fantastic passage.

As the town developed and started growing into a larger city, so did the Community Christmas Celebration, carried on through eras basically due to convention.

In later years, the gathering moved to the Community Center, where numerous components of the old conventions are still taken after today, for example, the city of their yearly Christmas tree lighting function, constantly held the Thursday in the wake of Thanksgiving.

More modern customs in Destin incorporate the Annual Christmas Parade. Not long from now will mark the Destin’s 26th Annual Christmas Parade. Starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 10, this parade will go down Harbor Blvd and end at Stahlman Ave. on Dec. 4, the 25th. The entire family will enjoy this tradition and what better way to spend the holidays than being in Destin and creating memories.

Destin has become in age more innovative than ever, one thing that never appears to change is the traditions and the small town customs it offers.

A few conventions have been modified and new customs start of course as the years pass and city grows, however we generally assemble with the peace and goodwill of the occasions.

Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. is personally inviting you to experience these traditions for yourself this year. Destin started as a small fishing village and will always keep that small town charm.

Itā€™s time to escape from reality and relax in Destin. We look forward to hearing from you.

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