Count The Blessings

We at The Sea Oats Motel know we are blessed to be here in Destin!

Just the beauty of the beach and the Gulf of Mexico is a blessing.

Have you stopped and counted your blessings lately?

A beach vacation in Destin at The Sea Oats Motel is a blessing!

Have you appreciated the freedom that we have to be able to take a much needed vacation?  Many people in this world don’t have that luxury. Every day is the same, scrounge for food, struggle just to survive.

Not so here in our country. Let’s definitely count that as a blessing!

eff15What about your surroundings, yes? Staying at a cozy, tastefully decorated condo or beach house that is steps from a beautiful white sandy beach is a blessing. Mark that one down.

Have you enjoyed a delicious steak or fresh fish dinner? Or gone deep sea fishing and caught fresh fish. Blessing! Mark it down,

What about the bright sunshine and warm temperatures perfect for swimming and splashing in the Gulf of Mexico? You guessed it. Blessing!

Traveling with loved ones? People you can eat with, play with, talk to or just hang around with?  They may get on your nerves from time to time but you know they love you and have your back. Be sure to count it. Many people are all alone in the world and the thoughts of a vacation make them sad because they don’t have anyone to go with!

That doesn’t mean going alone can’t be fun, plenty of people do it!

The message is clear, count your blessings. The more grateful you are, the more good things tend to come your way.

Enjoy your vacation at The Sea Oats Motel. For more information on rates and availability call us today at 833-803-3320.