Crabs Not On Your Plate

Grab some buckets and some flashlights, it’s time for some good old-fashioned family fun.

Sea Oats Motel invites you and your family down to the Destin beach for a family sand crab safari. Sand crabs aka “Ghost Crabs” can provide hours of fun chasing them around the beach and your unit here will have you just steps away from the hunt.

Don’t be fooled by the size of these tiny crustaceans, they can reach speeds of up to 10 mph. These sly little crabs stay buried beneath the sand most of the time to hide from birds and other predators.

CrabHoleSand crabs tunnel down for about four feet at a 45° angle, creating one to two-inch wide holes. They tend to come out more at night to run down to the water and get some oxygen through their tiny gills. They can actually “hold their breath” for up to 6 weeks before the need to visit the water

The thrill of the hunt excites the kids as they scramble along the beach trying to catch these mini speed racers. Make a game out of it or even a little competition. Whoever collects the most crabs in their bucket is the winner!

SandCrabYou should keep some damp sand in the bottom of the bucket to keep the sand crabs safe while in temporary custody. Watch for pinching when you handle the crabs. They do not have lobster claws but they are still crabs and won’t hesitate to remind you.

A sand crab safari is guaranteed to have your family rolling in the sand, laughing and hunting. Join us at Sea Oats Motel or any of our other luxury locations in the Destin area and take your family down to a night of fun on the beach.

Sea Oats Motel is located far enough from all the traffic of the main drag, yet moments from the area attractions, situated amid the amazing beach views on Scenic Highway 98.

Our location is perfect for a hide-away or an action packed vacation. With reasonable rates you could even choose to stay long enough to do both!

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