Current Events

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Everybody that comes here absolutely loves it!

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer we soon will have many people indulging their love affair with the area by coming to visit!

Even though we have amazing dining, fishing, historical attractions, shopping, nature trails and so much more, our beaches remain the undisputed king (or queen) of attractions here.

On the beautiful days you’ll see the beaches packed with plenty of people from all across the world enjoying the fine white sand and emerald green waters that glimmer like jewels when the sun sets its gaze upon them.

Enjoy yourself but be safe. With beauty comes danger.

Everybody notices the hypnotic nature of the tides. Watching as theĀ ocean castsĀ its waves upon the shore before pulling them back into itself can be such a pure joy for all the senses. There aren’t many thingsĀ greater than dipping your feet into the sand as the waves rush past them and back.

Sometimes when the waves pull back into the gulfĀ you’ll notice that the pull can be quite deceptive. It can easily knock over a small child or even wobble an inattentive adult. Usually new waves will counteract the pull and make it no big deal. These are undertow currents at work.

A rip current is different. These are the ones you need to be quite mindful of. These currents can grab a hold of a swimmer and pull them out past the wave breaksĀ fast, quick and in a hurry.

If one of these currents grabs you and starts pulling you out, do not panic. That’s the absolute worst thing to do. There are simple steps you can follow to safely get yourself out of trouble.

First, try standing up straight. If you are too far out for your feet to touch the bottom or the current is too strong, do not worry. You can make your way back to safety by moving parallel to the shore until you feel the current diminish. Once you feel the current weaken you should be able swim away from the area and move diagonally to the shore.

The beaches here are one in a million and we want you to enjoy them.

Just like with anything else, using a little caution, common sense and arming yourself with knowledge can give you the confidence to deal with potential problems that may ariseĀ and allow you to enjoy yourself more freely.

If you want to get more hands on with your learning about the currents then book your stay with us at the Sea Oats Motel. We are located steps away from the beach on Scenic Hwy 98!

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