Sea Oats in Destin

Destin Harbor & Popular Restaurants

Destin has been having upgrades all over the thriving city.

Everything from new shopping centers, bars and restaurants. It seems like everyday something new and exciting pops up giving our visitors endless fun and enjoyment.

In addition to the breathtaking beaches and waters the Emerald Coast has to offer, the restaurants in our community serve up some very tasty dishes. There are hundreds of choices in this city and it’s hard to decide, we understand.

The Harborwalk is one of the main attractions in the city.

There is a lot of buzz and the tourists have a ton of fun there! All the music, drinks, food and views, people tend stay there for hours and forget about all their worries.

We want to share with you  the finest for families that offer panoramic views of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and harbor.

Take a seat, enjoy fresh gulf seafood, grab a cold beer and watch the sunset. Nothing else can compare.

Harbor Docks

Not only is this place popular on the Harbor but it’s one of the most popular spots in the entire city. Harbor Docks takes pride in only service freshly caught fish from local fisherman everyday. if you want to taste Destin and enjoy a local family oriented atmosphere you will absolutely love Harbor Docks. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and now Sushi!

AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

One thing you might not have known about this popular restaurant is that thirty years ago it was just a small oyster shucking place, now it’s become a huge destination spot. AJ’s sits directly on the marina where all the local fisherman unload their catches of the day. Make sure you check that out, it’s an awesome thing to see!

They serve extremely savory, unique seafood dishes you will want to come back for more! Their Mahi-Mahi dish is one of the most popular on the menu and you’re sure to love it. They have live music, cold drinks, fresh seafood and more. At night they offer a an atmosphere for adults to enjoy themselves, Club Bimini, located on the top deck.


This new addition to the lineup opened in 2013 and has become quite the hit! They offer a southern seafood styled menu with a family oriented environment. The kids will love it here!

It sits on top of a sandy dune with beautiful beaches below and play areas for the children, so enjoy a cold drink under the sun while the kiddos play! In addition to serving seafood they also cook up steak, poultry and colorful vegetables.

Bon Appetit to all our guests!

Sea Oats wants you to enjoy your time here and dine at the best tasting places the city has to offer!

Call us today and let our staff create your next vacation and see you at the Harbor!