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Destin Sea Life

Under The Sea

The Gulf of Mexico is full of wonderful and amazing sea creatures on the beach and under the sea! The Sea Oats Motel in Destin is an awesome vacation spot where you may get the chance to see first hand what lies under the sea.

The Starfish, which is also known as the Sea Star is one of the fascinating creatures you may see here. The starfish is not really a fish, it’s a bottom dwelling marine animal. They have no fins or scales, and they move differently than fish do.

The Starfish has tube feet to help them move along the sand. They typically have five arms and the amazing ability to reproduce an arm should they lose one! That process usually takes about a year. They also have eyes and their stomach is inside-out.

Amazing sea creatures live in the Gulf Coast Waters

Another fascinating creature you may see while vacationing here at The Sea Oats Motel is the jellyfish. These mysterious creatures have bodies made out of a gelatinous substance with their tentacles hanging from their body.

Jellyfish can be very small or as large as a human. They live off of the plankton in the water, fish eggs, larvae and sometimes other jellyfish. They play an important part in the world under the sea. They serve as food for many other larger fish.

The Sea Oats Motel is the last of its kind beachfront motel, located just steps from the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Learn more about this fascinating world under the sea.