A Destin Tradition

The Blessing of the Fleet

Every year shortly after Easter Destin Charter Fishing Fleet, private boats and cruise ships all gather together behind The Fishermans Wharf in Destin to celebrate The Blessing of the Fleet. This tradition has been going on for 56 years. It symbolizes the rich history of the small fishing village and takes time to appreciate the abundance of fish that the Gulf of Mexico offers the Emerald Coast. It’s no secret that Destin is home to some of the luckiest fisherman in all of Florida and some people believe The Blessing of Fleet has everything to do with the bountiful amount of fish caught here.


When this tradition began it was to create peace and protection for the vessels and fisherman before they cast away to sea.

Since the tradition there haven’t been any lost ships at sea. A lot of people believe that this blessing not only protects the fisherman and fleets but also protects Destin’s shores from oil spills and hurricanes. No matter what is thrown at Destin the fisherman always come back with plenty of fish. If you want to experience some of the small town charm Destin has to offer then you will love this event. It’s open to the public for all visitors and locals alike. It’s a free event that will start at 4:00 PM.

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