Destin Vacations

Only at Sea Oats in Destin

An amazing phenomenon is happening right before your eyes here in Destin. The next time you are walking along the beach notice the ripples in the sand.

Ripples are often seen in the shallow coastal waters and are created by the wind and the current of the waters. Ripples will blend together over time and pile up to become dunes.

Although seemingly small in significance they contribute and are an important part of the natural beauty here in Destin.

Every little nook and cranny of nature plays a part in providing this nature’s paradise.

The Sea Oats Motel Can Make Your Dreams of Paradise a Reality

We can get you to the beach to experience and drink in of its healing powers.

We know what most folks are looking for in a vacation. We know you want to leave your troubles at home, step out of your routine and simply enjoy living, breathing and doing nothing for a bit.

We know you want to lounge around our heated pool at your leisure and we’re not planning to interfere with that. We will only let you know if you need a refreshing drink to cool you off or lunch you can have that here within a short time with no hassle. Isn’t that great.

There’s no happy hour here there’s happy hour all day! We are The Sea Oats Motel located on Scenic Hwy. 98 in Destin. Call us today at 833-803-3320.