Destin Vs. Miramar Beach

“Is there a difference between Miramar Beach and Destin?”

We know a lot of people are curious about this because it’s a question that’s asked a lot. Not surprising, even some of the locals aren’t aware of the history so we decided we want to share this tidbit.

Many years ago, everything from Destin to Scenic Highway 30A was generally considered Destin. This was back when Destin and the surrounding areas were a pretty well kept secret. The only thing that surrounded the area was the crystal clear waters and sugar white sand. If you think it’s beautiful now, you should’ve seen it back then. Absolutely mind blowing!

Once the city started thriving, things naturally changed and began to grow.

In 1948, Destin put on the first Fishing Rodeo and became a permanent part of the map. It didn’t take long for everybody to think about spending time here, given how untouched and beautiful the area was. A lot of attention was brought to the area and starting in the 1970s is when all the high rise condos, upscale dining and top level golf courses began to show up. Nowadays, Destin harbors one of the largest fishing fleets in the nation, let alone the Gulf of Mexico.

In 1987 “The Emerald Coast Parkway” was completed which connected Destin to Miramar Beach. Miramar Beach didn’t even exist until this road was fully constructed. Once this happened it put Miramar Beach on the map and that’s when the area got it’s own zip code too!

When you think of Miramar Beach now what typically comes to mind are luxurious hotels, high rise condos, designer shopping. The area has transformed into its own charming identity and blossomed into a gorgeous community offering unparalleled amenities and cuisine.

Harborwalk VillageWhen you think of Destin now you tend to think of the majestic beaches along with all the fun activities such as Big Kahunas, Crab Island, The Harborwalk. Once Destin was a sleepy little fishing village but has since blossomed into a top tier vacation destination.

Even after all this time, Destin still has a few surprises up the sleeve. When you visit here you can find something new and gripping every day whether it’s a new beach, a museum you didn’t know of or just an adventure that falls into your lap. So why don’t you take a couple days or even a week to inject a little adventure into your routine? Visit Destin and see what fun and amazement awaits you!

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