Destin Is A Winter Wonderland

Destin had a tradition of welcoming “Snowbirds” in the Fall and Winter seasons.

Snowbirds are considered our northerners who visit us in the “off” season. However the term should be used by anyone migrating to Destin for the winter.

Although our temperatures reach a low of  around 60 degrees and we don our “arctic” winter coats, many from the north can laugh at us as they come to enjoy our “arctic” winter conditions. The beach is the beach no matter what the heat index. Although the water temperature of the gulf is a deterrent for most southerners, those from the north enjoy the gulf year round.

It’s not only the tropical winter that attracts our northern friends. It is also the incredible discounts from local vendors. Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. invites you to come to Destin and take advantage of our winter rates.

Not only will you have the advantage or our winter rates, you can also take advantage of discounted rates from all of our local shops and restaurants.


Whether you’re 90 years old or 5 years old, if you are from the north you will appreciate the change in climate. Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. offers a summer environment even in the winter months. We invite you to come to Destin for an unbelievable winter vacation.

As “snowbirds”, we’ve been visiting the Florida panhandle for over ten years. The first year was in Panama City Beach, but the following year, we found Destin to be much more to our liking.

The winter beach is ideal for walking, although layering clothes might be necessary. The winter sunsets are simply gorgeous. Most restaurants are open, and some offer specials that are appealing, both to the budget and taste.

Shopping temptations are everywhere, from the outlet stores to Destin Commons and strip malls. The snowbird association offers many social opportunities, plus golf, tennis, bowling, etc.


If you are in need of the white snow and green Christmas tree, maybe you could substitute these for white sandy beaches and emerald green waters. Destin is truly a winter wonderland.

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