Did You Know?

You deserve a vacation!

Destin Skyline
photo credit: j.s. clark via photopin cc

You already know this though. You don’t really need us telling you. We don’t have to tell you that Destin is one of the most popular choices for a beach vacation, you probably already know that also.

What we do need to tell you though is that if you want to get in on the fun times that now is the time to book that trip.

We won’t make you stay with us at Sea Oats but once you see what’s in store for you here you’ll probably want to anyways!

Once you stay at The Sea Oats Motel you will know why many of our guests return year after year to enjoy themselves.

They have come to know what to expect from us and we deliver. They know that if they want to relax and enjoy the times in a comfortable beachfront condo that they can have that here.

They know if they want to be just steps away from the beach and have it a price that won’t bankrupt them that they can have that here.

They know that if they want to rent an umbrella to unwind in the shade while watching the waves crash the shore that they can have that here.The beach is rolling again in Destin at Sea Oats Motel!

They also know that if they want to cool off in a tropical swimming pool that stays clean and at the perfect temperature that they can also have that here.

It seems like they know a lot don’t they? Find out what you might not know by booking your stay here with us today! You can see that learning new things can be amazing!

We’ve been around a long time now. There’s a reason we are a last of its kind beachfront motel. Our guests know what they want and we know how to deliver it. We haven’t let them down so far!

We are a full service vacation getaway.  We have everything you need and if we don’t just ask us where to find it and we will make sure that you find it. Call us today at 833-803-3320.