Don’t Forget Your Towel

We are the last of its kind beachfront motel. We are mere steps away from the beaches your crave.

To make sure you have a blast we make sure that your unit is stocked with everything you should need to properly enjoy a beach vacation. We provide your unit with bath towels but not the beach towels.

No worries though, beach towels can be found anywhere and now they even come in a variety of different styles and ideas. Were you aware that you can get beach towels that wrap around your kids like clothing? Even comes complete with a little hood to offer their little scalps as much protection from the sun as possible. The sun can be amazing but if you aren’t prepared while you play in it, it can leave you in a world of pain.

So now that the kids have their towels, how about you? Target now has extra long beach towels that are roomy for the beach.  They are also carrying an assortment of colorful lounge covers that can fit on top of a chaise lounge or rental beach chair and protect you from the getting burned by the hot wood or metal. It’s always nice to be able to shift around in your chair and not get surprised with something hot on your skin.

They even have towels that are double and triple the length and width so you can share it with someone close to you.

The neat thing about beach towels is that they can come in a wide variety of colors, styles and prices. If you just want a towel to lay on and that’s all you need it to do then you can save a few dollars and pick one up from Wal-Mart. You can also splurge on higher end ones from Lands’ End or Macy’s. Many options also await you online!

The Sea Oats Motel in Destin offers you a getaway of a lifetime at a reasonable rate.  Call soon as we are filling up fast!

Give us a call today at 833-803-3320 and book your vacation today and don’t forget the beach towels!