Easier Than You Think

If you are looking for an amazing vacation destination then look no further.

Comfortable andĀ appealing accommodations are offered at very affordable rates by Sea Oats Motel. With a little extra packing, planning and budgeting you can have an incredible vacation at the last of its kind beachfront motel while not completely emptying your wallet.

A few tips from experienced travelers to cut a few corners on cost:

Think ahead so you won’t have to go to the grocery store immediately and buy everything from scratch. Pack items you already have at home that you know you’ll need on your trip.

eff17Although we have fully equipped kitchens, bringing your own paper plates, napkins and cups will save you from buying dishes when you arrive or washing them.

Having these items will make fewer things you need to buy when you get here and will also cut down on time shopping. That’s more time you can spend doing what you came here to do. Enjoying life.

If you have chairs and towels or toys such as shovels, buckets or floats from previous trips then bringingĀ those with you will save you even more on the cost of the trip. If you don’t have those readily available then explore thrift shops. Thrift shops tend to have all sorts of neat things at very affordable prices.

Every penny you save adds up quickly. Every 10 or 20 dollars saved is another 10 or 20 dollars you can put towards a fabulous meal out or an awesome adventure.

Take advantage of the supplies you have and pack the sunscreen and sunglasses along with swim wear. You’d be surprised how many people wait until they get here to purchase these things and they most likely have a lot of these at home. Not only will you save money on buying them here but you won’t have to buy containers that are larger than what you need. That will be less to carry or waste when it’s time to go.Parasailing in Destin

Once you see how easy it is to pinch a penny here and there you’ll get more and more excited about the upcoming vacation! These tips will be especially helpful if you have children. You can even get them in on the actionĀ and have them start gathering loose change.

Once you have everything ready to go, our staff will make sure that your time here is full of nothing but great times. You’ll soon see that Sea Oats is the place for you and your family to craft life long memories.

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