Good Vibrations at the Sea Oats Motel.

Even Nature Wants You To Smile

The blues and the blahs can knock you down when you least expect it.  How do you handle those kind of days?

When you get the blues and you need to escape, doesn’t it sound good to think about escaping to Destin?  Come on down to Destin and The Sea Oats Motel and fight the blues at the beach.

The beach can’t cure all your troubles but it sure can make you forget about them for a little bit. There’s something about the beach that has a tendency to make a bad day feel better.

The Beach Can Cure Your Blues!

A change of scenery can lift your spirits, calm your fears and turn your world around. Think about it, how often do you see people in bad moods at the beach?

Try putting your toes in the sand, your feet in the water and watching the waves roll in. The ocean is already blue, there’s no need for you to be blue as well.

Life, like the ocean waves, keeps on going, day after day. Like the shore, we must endure the constant pressure and changing tides. We can do this folks, even on the bad days! Just keep on going! Push a little harder! Turn the radio on and sing a little! Hug a friend! Compliment a stranger! You can do this!

The Sea Oats Motel is a great place to escape.  We are the last of its kind beachfront motel, we’re just steps from the gorgeous white sandy beach; a great place to forget your troubles and think about good times.

We can’t solve it all but we can offer you a great getaway at a reasonable price. Call us today and see if we can help chase the blues away. Call 833-803-3320.