Family Beach Fun

There are seemingly no end to the ideas of fun ways to entertain the family at the beach.

Aside from the traditional building sandcastles and splashing in the waves how about stepping out a bit and trying some new ideas?

SandyFootprintMake a special photograph day at the beach with the family. One idea, have each member of the family make a footprint, smallest to largest in a row. Then draw the date in the sand below the footprints. You can even add the family’s last name above it for a quirky, quaint photo that will be great conversation starters for years to come.

For a fun beach picnic idea spread out a colorful beach towel or blanket and spread on the sand. Serve snacks in colorful sand pails full of snacks such as pretzels, cheese crackers, mixed nuts, grapes, etc. Add fruit salad or yogurt along with this, you can use the shovels to serve the food.

beach-pailYou could also use the beach pails for packing a lunch in of sandwich, bag of chips, and drink.

The kids will love this unique way of serving food. You can use paper umbrellas that are typically served with tropical drinks for decorations along with tiny beach balls or other trinkets. Keep the colors bright and cheerful.

The Sea Oats Motel is the last of its kind beachfront motel. We love seeing our families have fun together on the beach.

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