This Father’s Day Weekend

Happy Father’s Day from The Sea Oats Motel

To all of the deserving dad’s out there, The Sea Oats Motel wishes you the happiest Father’s Day ever.

To those of you who work hard to put food on the table, pay bills, send kids to college, thank you. Your kids may not say it enough, but thank you.

To those who have served in the military or other thankless jobs, thank you! For the new breed of stay at home dads, thank you!

Being a father is more than fertilizing an egg and having a baby born and given your last name. Being a father is an honor, a privilege, a gift!

Some have never known having a physical father, perhaps circumstances took them away at an early age in your life. There is surely a void from this experience and perhaps your mother did both jobs!

Hats off to those mothers as well!

There are cliches about the father that plays baseball with his sons and daughters. There are stories of fathers accompanying their daughters to dances, etc. These are yet more ways being a dad is a privilege.

Thank you to all who take the job of being a father seriously and take care of their family. Those who are teachers to their children, helping them learn to be responsible and good citizens, thank you.

The Sea Oats Motel is a family oriented motel. We love seeing families laugh and play together on vacation. We know you are building memories to cherish long in the future.

Again, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there from The Sea Oats Motel!

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photo credit: United States Marine Corps Official Page via photopin cc