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Feeling Adventurous This Summer?

Summer Road Trip to the Beach Anyone?

Road trips can be so much fun for the entire family. If you plan well that makes everything go that much smoother.

One of the great parts about a road trip is the adventure but an adventure isn’t fun if you get lost and frustrated. Make sure to plan out your route ahead of time and have a good idea where you are going. Sounds simple and it is. Even if you have GPS, having a paper map to fall back on is a great idea.

If you are travelling with children don’t expect them to sit completely still for hours at a time without getting bored. Pack some interesting activities for them for the drive as well as plenty of snacks. Make stops every so many hours a priority and give everyone a chance to stretch their legs out.

Pack a pillow for sleeping in the car. Pack your favorite music.

Don’t just eat drive through fast foods, find interesting places to stop and eat or have a picnic at a rest area.

Take advantage of the gas refueling stops and everyone use the restroom so you don’t have to make several unexpected bathroom stops.

Before you hit the road have your fluids checked in the car, make sure everything is road ready. You can’t prevent everything that could possibly happen but you can take reasonable precautionary measures to make sure as little as possible goes wrong. Just know at the end of the trip, you will be here with us!

Have a great road trip and call us here at The Sea Oats Motel for more information at 833-803-3320.