Find Your Happy

We all have our happy place.

A happy place is that little place in your head that you retreat to when things get chaotic and/or stressful. It’s a quiet place that you picture when you close your eyes and try to draw the strength to make it through a day that isn’t trending so well.

What’s your happy place? If you’ve ever been to Destin before there’s a good chance that the regal beaches here and the serenity they offer are your happy place.

If you’ve never been to Destin before then come on down and let Sea Oats become your happy place!

There’s no better place for you to come to decompress and unwind from the daily stresses of life. Take a walk with the sunset (or sunrise) on the horizon and you’ll see that nothing you’ve experienced before can bring you back to center quicker. Not only will your mind clear up from the walk, but the extra resistance offered by the sand will tone your legs a little bit and they can even help with that dry, rough skin on your heels.

With you getting your mind and body right, your soul has no choice but to follow suit. How can your soul not rejoice when the picturesque backdrop right before you is something you usually only get to see on postcards or the Travel Channel?

Usually for this level of deep relaxing you’ll spend a small fortune at a spa. Sure it costs a little to vacation here, but the beaches are free to enjoy. It’s just another special perk that’s provided to our amazing guests at Sea Oats.

We’re excited to see the people starting to flock to our town but we’re even happier to hear that they are enjoying themselves! We want you to have such a great time that you can’t do anything except rant and rave to your friends and family about what you saw and did. Once they hear about how great your adventures were here, they’ll most definitely want to come and check it out on their own.

Everyone wins here. Let’s enjoy the spoils together! Call us today for information on rates and availability at 833-803-3320.