Florida Ecotourism

Sea Oats Cares about Destin’s Natural Wildlife

Sea Oats and the great city of Destin respect and care tremendously for the cities natural wildlife and resources. The protection of the sand dunes, animals, beaches and water are important in ensuring this area stays clean and gorgeous. This area is known for it’s untouched dunes, abundance of fish and wildlife on top of sugar white sands.

When you come and visit this amazingly beautiful city you have to discover all the natural beauty it holds. Without the protection of the habitat this place wouldn’t be unique and stunning like it is. Destin isn’t world renowned for no reason. Destin holds a lot of treasures just waiting to be discovered.

Florida Sand Dunes:

Working in the most naturally dependable way that is available serves to keep our Beaches of Destin flawless. Safeguarding the delicate sand ridges averts disintegration and harm to plant roots, which help settle the defensive sand rise framework.

Ridge fencing is set up along Destin & Sandestin’s shoreline. Stylish contemplations aside, sand dunes are a central point in securing area and property during typhoons or significant storms. Thus, sand dune walkovers are accommodated your comfort and the comfort of the naturally gorgeous sand dunes.

Loving the Sea Turtles:

Sandestin & Destin is a nesting site for “Loggerhead” and “Green” Sea Turtles. It’s an amazing site to witness that only occurs at certain times of the year.

Sea Turtles come along the shoreline in late April and usually hatch in late August. Unfortunately Sea Turtles are prey to a lot of predators which is why the city of Destin cares so much for protecting the precious turtles.

Sea Oats Motel & Management Co. cares about the city and we care about our visitors as well. Our accommodations are located directly on these breathtaking beaches which offer views you can only see to believe.

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