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Where Are You Flying This Summer?

Heading to the Beach? Great Idea For Summer!

Lucky you! Travelling can be so much fun. You can run into some “hiccups” once in awhile. Here are a few suggestions and tips for smoother travel this summer.

If you are flying be sure to plan and pack accordingly. Most airlines charge for extra bags these days so keep that in mind. Check with your airline before dragging your entire summer wardrobe with you. You could pay hefty fees for extra luggage.

Get to the airport in plenty of time. Make sure your name on your ticket matches the name on your identification. You sure don’t want to experience delays because of something like this holding you up.

Pack some disinfectant wipes to wipe down the tray tables, etc, as we are hearing and reading articles how these are not kept very clean.

Don’t Forget Pesky TSA Regulations

Remember that going through security checks there are TSA regulations about what can be brought on board and how they are to be packed. Most items can be packed in your suitcase, however, if you do need something make sure to check the rules. Just about any question you may have is addressed at the TSA Website. There are often updates and changes so it is well worth your time to read this information.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You can still look nice but in the event you were delayed you will at least be comfortable.

When flying with other passengers you never know what you may encounter from non stop loud talkers to screaming kids. A pair of headphones and some music can block noise.

Enjoy the experience. Once you reach The Sea Oats Motel in Destin your real fun begins. Have a great trip!

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