Sand Art in Destin, FL

Have Fun with Sand!

When is the last time you got out and had some fun building sandcastles, forts and such?

Simply amazing what can be done with a little sand and a little imagination! Building a sandcastle is one thing most anyone even a little child can do. The art of Sand Sculpting, however, is much more involved and requires talent, imagination and patience.

The Sea Oats Motel in Destin has the perfect beach for you to try sand art!

Sand art has become increasingly popular. Using sand to turn artistic form, such as a sand brushing, sand sculpture, or sand bottles.

Did you know there is a World Cup of Sand Sculpting? While it may not compare in popularity to the World Cup of Soccer, this event, now in its second year is taking place in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

People have a lot of questions about how the sand sculptures last. “The first question anyone asks us is what happens when it rains, but wind and sun are worse than rain when you’re sculpting sand,” says Rusty Croft, who with Kirk Rademaker is co-owner of Sand Guys International and co-hosted the Travel Channel series “Sand Masters.” “We wet down the sculptures as we work. The surface tension of the water holds the sand together.”

Apparently the sculptures can be preserved by spraying with a solution of water and school glue. Who knew?

Perhaps there is a sand art contest in your future, whether a participant or a spectator!

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photo credit: Camp Pinewood YMCA via photopin cc