Get Your Spear On

Long ago Destin became known as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”.

The waters here are clear and the color of emeralds. Access to deep water is easy and a large variety of fish can be found at various times of the year.

Great features such as these definitely made the area very popular for fishermen and that passion is shown through the crews of one of the largest fishing fleets in the state and the incredibly fresh catches they supply to the area’s restaurants.

Sometimes though you want to do a little more than wait for someone to catch your fish. Sometimes you want to have an adventure, a challenge and catch it yourself. The thrill of the hunt! Spearfishing may be just what you crave.

Scuba Dive in Destin, FLSpearfishing has been around since early civilization when sharpened sticks were used for catching fish.

As time progressed so did the technology and more modern means of Spearfishing have developed as a result. Now spearguns are used, some powered with elastic or slings.  There are also compressed gas pneumatic powered spearguns that are used for hunting fish.

Spearfishing can be done by snorkeling, scuba diving, or free diving.

Many people come from all over the world to visit Destin and the Sea Oats Motel.Inshore Spearfishing can be equally as exciting as offshore. There are certain times of the year in Destin where the bays and passes play host to larger fish. Inshore trips are taken by boats and kayaks and let you appreciate the beauty of the shoreline.

Offshore Spearfishing can satisfy the explorer in your and afford you the opportunity to see more than just a variety of beautiful fish, you may see underwater sea life such as Sea Turtles, Sea Rays, and more!

Spearfishing is a perfect sport for many because it is a combination of hunting and fishing and it is done in a captivating tropical environment.

Destin Spearfishing Adventures is a great place to learn more about the sport of Spearfishing.  Call them and let them know what kind of adventure you are looking for and they can help you plan your trip, give you information on cost, etc.  They are located in Harbor Walk Village, give them a call at 850-324-7422

The Sea Oats Motel is conveniently located on Scenic Hwy. 98 in Destin.  We are close to numerous area attractions, restaurants, shopping and even just a few minutes away from Destin Spearfishing