Give Yourself a Challenge

What does this day hold for you? Do you have plans to lay by the pool or on the beach?

Here at The Sea Oats Motel you have plenty of choices for what to do today.  How about you challenge yourself today?

How can you challenge yourself you say?  How about you set a goal to walk a mile on the beach, or even two?

Setting a goal and fulfilling the goal will motivate you and help you to continue to set goals. Once you have accomplished your goal of walking start planning your next goal.

One of the best ways to succeed at setting and fulfilling goals is to think ahead, take steps towards the goal and gradually increase the challenge.  Many people have lost weight by simply starting out small.  You can walk around the block then two blocks, then a mile, then two miles, etc.

Setting a goal means you are making a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted,  or S-M-A-R-T.  If you can remember to use this tool you can get into the habit of challenging yourself and accomplishing your goals.

Accomplishing goals, challenging yourself and reaching targets will reward you with a great sense of satisfaction.

The Sea Oats Motel is the perfect spot for you to think about your personal goals and begin to challenge yourself.

Have a wonderful day, challenge yourself and make it happen here at The Sea Oats Motel in Destin.

We  are conveniently located on Scenic Hwy 98 in Destin just steps from the most gorgeous beach in the world.  Call us today at 833-803-3320.

photo credit: walking on air via photopin (license)