Go The Extra Mile at the Beach

Pay it Forward

Most of us have experienced someone being extra nice to us at one time or another in our life. Didn’t that just make your day?

Take the opportunity to pay it forward while you are here at the beach. Now is just as good as opportunity as any.

Someone once paid for the person behind them in the drive thru for no reason other than they just wanted to do something nice. They got the total of the order from the attendant and said add to my order. What a surprise for the next person in line!

How about giving that parking spot you wanted to someone else? How about letting someone go in front of you in line at the grocery?

How about leaving an extra couple of dollar tip for the waitress, waiter or the maid? Every little bit adds up. You never know when that might make the difference. Have you ever found money in your coat pocket that you didn’t know you had? Unexpected surprises are the best!!

How else can you pay it forward?

How about smiling at people you don’t know or holding the elevator doors open rather than rush on your way?

How about not becoming angry when someone pulls out in front of you when you are driving. Why is it that driving brings out the worst in so many of us?

How about sharing your leftover groceries with the maid when you check out? You can leave things for them that you would otherwise take home.

There are so many ways to pay it forward. Please take time to do that here in Destin at the Sea Oats Motel. 

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