Got Fish?

Fishing is enjoyed by a lot of people in and around Destin!

Visitors and locals alike enjoy the bounty that comes with being the ‘Luckiest Fishing Village’.

You can cast a line from the shore or from the back of a deep sea charter boat, but what do you plan to do with your catch?

There’s an amazing feeling that comes with catching your own meal. There’s nothing that can beat food this fresh!

CevicheMany delicious ways to enjoy fresh fish but have you tried a specialty dish called Ceviche?

Ceviche is a dish of raw fish that is marinated in lime or lemon juice with oil, onions, peppers and seasonings and served as an appetizer. The citric acids in the lemon and lime are┬áwhat actually “cooks” the fish!

Most any kind of fish can be used for Ceviche but Grouper or Flounder are excellent choices.

Another great way to use the fresh fish is to make a delicious cajun broiled dinner. Use the fresh Grouper or other fish, sprinkle with cajun seasoning, a little lemon juice, garlic powder and broil until done. Serve this delicious dish with rice and salad for a full dinner.

Deep sea fishing is just one of many fabulous activities you can partake of here in Destin. However, if you aren’t into fishing you can still enjoy the amazingly fresh fish and seafood dishes┬áthat are served at many of the local restaurants in Destin.

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