Have great beach times at The Sea Oats Motel.

A Healthier You After Vacation

Back home after your vacation in Destin, now what?

What a great time you had in Destin this year on your vacation!  The Sea Oats Motel proved to be the ideal accommodations for your family.  Everyone enjoyed the time away from the day in and day out routine.

Funny how just a week or two away from home can shake your routine habits up, isn’t it?  Now you are back home and adjusting to the real world.

Take a little time for unpacking.  Does it really hurt anything if you don’t get all of the bags unpacked and put away that first couple of days?  If you have a spot in the house where your bags can be stowed until you catch your breath by all means take advantage.

Keep enough clean clothes and necessary items for everyone and gradually hit the laundry and unpacking.  Involve everyone, even the younger ones can carry clothes and put them away.  

Whistle while you work, laugh, listen to music.  

Everyone may enjoy the return home a little more if there isn’t such a downward slope of drudgery and chores awaiting.

If you were slacking on your exercise routine while you were away time to get back at it!  The sooner you get back into burning up calories and getting the endorphins moving the better you will feel.

Eat as healthy as you can.  Serve up some fresh salads and veggies, keep the proteins coming for your energy.

Recover quickly and ease into as much as you can.  Start planning for your next amazing vacation NOW!

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