Hints and Suggestions From Fellow Tourists of Destin

Here at The Sea Oats Motel we don’t hear too many complaining about the beautiful beaches and most folks are quite content.  There are a few tips that fellow tourists have noted that have come to our attention that you might appreciate.

Make sure to follow the flag system.  This system has been put in place for a reason, to protect people from hazardous conditions in the water when swimming or boating..  If you are unfamiliar with the flag system here is a brief description :

Beach Flag Warning System

  • Green – Low Hazard, Calm Conditions
  • Yellow – Medium Hazard, Moderate Surf, Moderate Currents
  • Red – High surf strong, currents Hazard
  • Two Red Flags – (red over red) WATER CLOSED for public use
  • Purple – Marine Pests Present

Another tourist reminds us – Do Not Feed the Seagulls!  You are taking a chance of getting swarmed by birds, pooped on and they won’t leave you alone once you feed them.  Did we mention you might get pooped on too?

A fellow tourist says to avoid the Destin Walmart at all costs.  Due to the tourist season the store is packed and understaffed.  This tourist recommends Target instead.

Another reminds you to remember that not all of Florida is on the same time zone.  Destin and the surrounding area is mostly on Central time while other parts of the state are on Eastern time.

Yet another suggests that you can buy fresh seafood to take home if you pack in a cooler with plenty of ice and do not leave it in a hot car to ruin.  P.S. – check local rules and regulations for fishing licenses, etc., call the numbers below for more information.

Freshwater Fishing Information: 888-404-3922

Saltwater Fishing Information: 888-404-3922

Anglers Outreach: 850-488-6058

Have fun and be safe.  The Sea Oats Motel is your vacation getaway in Destin, call us for more info at 833-803-3320.