Dolphins in Destin, FL

A Hot Time In Fall

The Emerald Coast of Florida is known to be a summer wonderland…

Largely in part because of our unbelievably gorgeous, white sand beaches made up mostly of polished quartz crystals that have washed down from the Appalachian mountains.

However, here at the Sea Oats Motel, an original beachfront vacation haven located in Destin Florida, we believe that the best time of year to enjoy our coastal paradise, as well as all of the amazing shopping, exclusive attractions, and out of this world cuisine, is after the cooler days and crisp nights of Autumn have swept into the Panhandle.

Even though the weather might have cooled down, bringing with it crystal blue, cloudless skies and low humidity, all of the unique attractions Destin is famous for, including a few more in the form of fall festivals and fairs, are still HOT!

For instance, if the waves are too chilly for your blood, but you still would like to get up close and personal to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, and all the fascinating creatures that call its waters home, why not hitch a ride in our beach shuttle that is offered to all of the Sea Oats guests, and head down to the Destin Harbor to surprise your crew with a tour of our emerald coast from the deck of Southern Star’s marvelous glass bottom boats.

Expect to have an experience of a lifetime aboard one of Southern Star’s fantastic tours, which maintain an exclusive feel during the quieter months of fall than the busy summer season. Your family will enjoy the chance to see manatees, dolphins, sting rays, sea birds, whales and even sharks during a relaxing, 2 hour guided tour with the expert captain at Destin’s original Dolphin Cruise, as seen on National Geographic Explorer and CNN Earthwatch.

Your family will cruise the pristine waters, along the sugar-white sand beaches of the Emerald Coast, and witness the Coastal Bottlenose Dolphin as they frolic, play and hunt in their natural Gulf habitat. The local dolphins are accustomed to the boats, and will come over to show guest new members of the Pods, baby Flippers, or to show off for the cameras with a series of acrobatic performances. One thing is for certain, with over 7,000 dolphin sightings, you and your family are sure to see something extraordinary!

Family owned and operated by Captain Steve and Wendy Wilson for 15 years, their 80’ Glass Bottom Boat is all about family fun!

Besides dolphins, your crew will be able to see beneath the waves in the Glass Bottom Room, at the marvelous sea life that has made Destin the Luckiest Fishing Village on Earth. There’s even a cool part of the cruise aimed especially to make your kiddos feel like a star letting them steer the boat and become “Junior Captains” even allowing Moms or Dads to capture the moment with a picture.

Finally, there is no better seat, with the exception of your room’s private balcony overlooking the spectacular turquoise waters of the Gulf, to view one of the area’s breathtaking technicolor sunsets than from the bow of Southern Star’s clean boats.  All of that combined with an price tag that saves a bit of money for another adventure, makes this attraction a must see, no matter the time of year!

For more ideas or tips when visiting the Emerald Coast, be sure to make your next reservation at the beautiful Sea Oats Motel, located beachside just moments away from all the great things that make make our coastal home such a lovely destination, anytime of the year.  Call today to learn more or to book your stay: 833-803-3320