It’s For Everyone!

Destin is loving the Spring, the living is quite easy!

You can pack more fun into your day with the days being a little bit longer and the nights have a life all of their own as well.Sea Oats in Destin

We are having an absolute blast here at Sea Oats on Scenic Hwy 98!

The palm trees are swaying and the breeze is flowing! Take a week to kick your heels up in Destin and find out what everyone else knows. Nothing beats beach living!

The seaside has the perfect atmosphere for romance, special family times and moments to treasure.

There is nothing quite like the sound of the waves crashing in on the sand. It’s absolutely hypnotizing. Whether high or low tide you can count on the rhythm of the waves. One of the few consistencies in life, the tides continue to roll in and out every day.

Sea Oats Motel is filling up with our favorite people!Expect to see children laughing and playing on the beach. Teens, young adults all the way up to seniors love the beach. Look under those beach umbrellas and see people of all walks of life and of all ages.

Hunt for conch shells. You never know what kind of beautiful shells you may find! There are so many beautiful crafts, furniture, accessories that you can turn into memorabilia.

There’s nothing like the wonder of the beach. Come to Destin and experience beach living for yourself. Pack up your troubles and come on down where life is a beach!

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