Sea Oats Motel - Beach Snacks

Keep The Tank Full

If you didn’t call them out of it, how long do you think your kids would stay on the beach or in the pool swimming, splashing and playing?

You ever notice how their energy level seems almost infinite when it comes to something fun? They’ll keep going and going and going much like the Energizer Bunny.

With all that energy being unleashed, especially during vacation, they have got to be burning some serious calories!

It’s important to make sure that the kids are fed well and eating healthy to make sure they continue to have the energy for all the good times.

A couple quick ideas for tasty treats to keep their energy up? How using some wheat bread and making a peanut butter and honey sandwich? Maybe pair it up with some freshly sliced apples or some pretzels? Have them wash it down with some juice or if you really want to give them a treat then hook them up with some ice cold chocolate milk.

If the kids are a little more picky and turn their nose up at peanut butter then try something fun like a turkey and swiss tortilla roll up! It’s simple, quick and you can use a variety of ingredients to fit your children’s taste. You can put a little light mayo on the tortilla then add the turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato. Maybe a little cucumber if that’s what they like. You can serve the tortilla whole as a roll up or cut it up into smaller bites for tiny pinwheel sandwiches.

Your kids might be asking if they can have some sodas to go along with their lunches. That’s your call but remember that the high fructose corn syrup can contribute to possible obesity but in moderation it should be ok. Of course better options would be some cold water, fruit juices or milk. Besides, with our kids already bouncing off the wall do we really want them amped up further with caffeine?

Just because it’s vacation doesn’t mean that you and the family can’t exercise good eating habits. Even these ideas given will only take a couple minutes to make and are sure to be a hit.

Don’t worry about where to prepare them. Your stay at Sea Oats will give you all the space and accommodations you’d want or need to make sure that your family routine still stays on course during your stay here!

Sea Oats could be the absolute perfect place for you to stay on your dream beach vacation. If you have any questions on rates and availability, feel free to call us at 833-803-3320.