Local Spots Exposed

Destin Florida is known for luxurious shopping, gorgeous views, sandy beaches and great restaurants.

Destin has an astonishing visitor statistic of approximately 4.5 million people each year. The number of people who actually reside in Destin is roughly 13 thousand people. Destin definitely has way more visitors than residents. Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. is exposing some hidden treasures of Destin. We want to make sure your stay with us is exciting and adventurous.

JettyEastJetty East Beach

This beach is very clean and calm. It’s perfect for small children. You can relax and go snorkeling. It’s absolutely gorgeous and a local favorite. This is more of a private beach feel and isn’t ever crowded. You will be able to enjoy all of Destin’s views from here and not have to worry about a crowd running you over. There also are huge rocks to look at and climb on. It would be a great place for the entire family.

Dockside Oyster Bar and Cafe in Niceville

Authentic Cajun food brought right to the Emerald Coast. Niceville isn’t far from Destin. Only about 20 minutes. This place is famous for it’s amazing Po’ Boy sandwiches. You will receive exceptional service here and the variety of seafood dishes, pastas, fried food and steaks is absolutely to die for. They use fresh local fish and you will be able to taste the difference.

Photo: Credit to Graftti/Funky Blues Shack
Photo: Credit to Graftti/Funky Blues Shack

Graffiti and the Funky Blues Shack

A great spot to dine and relax at in Destin. They offer a wide variety of dishes ranging from pastas, pizzas, fresh fish, filets and it’s all amazing. If you want to avoid large tourist places then this is the place for you. An artsy vibe and a lot of live music. It’s no wonder locals love this place!

Call Sea Oats Motel and Management Co. today and book your room with us. Trying to describe these treasures doesn’t do them justice. You need to treat yourself and get down to Destin and see it all for yourself. You will not be disappointed. We look forward to hearing from you!