Lost On Your Way To Sea Oats?

Traveling to Sea Oats

One of the most frustrating situations when traveling to new cities is finding your way around town.

Fortunately, Destin is fairly easy to get around and find your way and The Sea Oats Motel is located on Scenic Hwy. 98 which is convenient and easy to find.

Getting lost isn’t fun though and can sure be a waste of your vacation time. Make sure to route out your trip. Use a trip planner such as MapQuest which will help you to find the most direct routes or the quickest route for your drive.

Many vehicles now have built in GPS systems which are useful to prevent getting lost. Also, many cell phones are equipped with the same technology.

There isn’t much worse than driving in circles with a car full of hungry people trying to find a restaurant or hotel and getting nowhere.

How many times have you been through that?

Those are some of the most frustrating parts of travelling. With that in mind be sure to pack maps and snacks in the car! Also, be prepared for traffic jams that may arise unexpectedly. One story of a family traveling was four hours stuck in traffic due to an accident.

The kids and the parents both needed bathroom breaks, got hungry and thirsty. All in all this was four hours of misery for the family. Lesson learned? The mother said she would carry a potty for the kids from now on just in case! And snacks!

We can’t prevent those unexpected events from happening but they can sure be a little less frustrating if we have means to take the frustration level down!

Prepare for your travels as much as possible to make the trip a little less stressful. We look forward to serving you at Sea Oats Motel.

Call us today at The Sea Oats Motel for directions or more information on rates and availability at 833-803-3320.