Make Your Dreams Come True In Destin

A long hard winter has been followed by a long hard summer for many folks we hear from around the country.

We understand how unpredictable life can be at times. Setbacks in life are inevitable, uncomfortable and usually temporary. Sure you may not see this in your future today as you look at your bank account and pay your bills. Take heart, where there is a will there is a way!

You can afford a vacation in Destin at The Sea Oats Motel!

Think of the money you may have wasted in the past that could have been put towards this dream vacation you seek. Can you afford not to tweak your budget here and there and make a few changes to improve your cash flow to make possible the dreams your heart desires?

Think for a minute of your daily habits. Are you stopping every day for a $4 cup of coffee on your way to work when you could get a cup of coffee at home or maybe even free at the office?

That may not sound like much to you at the moment so keep going. Add the muffin or donut at another $2-$3 each morning. What about lunch? Are you piling on calories and spending an extra $8 a day for lunch?

Add the afternoon drag where you really feel the need for a bag of chips or candy bar and soft drink from the vending machine. Again, more calories and more $ spent.

Sure, you can’t avoid spending money on food. But you can make much wiser choices in what you are buying that will not only prove to be less expensive but more nutritious.

We could go on and on about this but the point is, you can do it!

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