Make The Day Yours

Have you ever stopped and considered how much time we waste doing nothing when we could be out doing something?

Make a goal today, a resolution, to make the most out of every minute and savor the day.

So get up, get a cup of coffee or two to get your motor running, get fresh and clean and head out for an incredible day.

So what do you have planned? Shopping at the Commons? Maybe the Outlets?

Or do you prefer a day of relaxation at the beach, full of fun and sun? If that’s what you like then don’t forget to stop by the front desk on your way to the sand to ask about renting an umbrella and chair. Those are always nice because it can offer you a little break from the sun when the day starts getting hotter.

A full glass of ice tea is a fantastic way to cool down around here so make some before you leave your room so you can have it on the beach. Bring some water as well and you can make sure that dehydration and your thirst are kept at bay.

You could always bring a different beverage but we recommend tea because it’s better for you, containing antioxidants that will help fight diseases. It’s even been noted that green tea can help in the fight against cancer!

One of the best ways to enjoy iced tea is to make sun tea.  To do this you need a glass pitcher large enough to hold several tea bags.  Fill the pitcher with water and about four to six tea bags depending how strong you like your tea. Place the pitcher in the sun, whether it’s on a balcony or porch, as long as it’s in the sun and let it brew for a few hours. It makes a fantastic and mellow tea. Sweeten with sugar or add lemon if you prefer. This method is definitely worth the time to make!

No matter how you choose to enjoy your time here, just make sure you make the most out of every moment and that you do so safely.

If you have any questions on rates and availability then call Sea Oats at 833-803-3320.

We’re located on Scenic Hwy 98 away from the crowds but close to all the attractions. We look forward to hearing from you!