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Managing Your Vacation Budget

Sea Oats is very Affordable for Families!

Today’s economy can be tricky for families who want to go on vacation.  Hopefully, you have been setting aside a bit of cash here and there so you will have plenty for your trip. Everyone wants to enjoy their vacation and you should be able to if you plan ahead and make good choices.

The Sea Oats Motel is equipped with a full scale kitchen for your convenience.  Make your coffee in the morning rather than have to make a trip out.  Feed the kids for a lot less for breakfast and lunch at home and then have more to spend on a dinner out at a nice restaurant.

Keep a supply of healthy snacks, fresh fruits, whole grain cereals, etc, for easy breakfasts.  Make tasty sandwiches for lunch on the balcony.  Enjoy not having to rush around getting ready and leaving to go out to eat and enjoy more time at the beach or the pool.

Destin has a wide array of restaurants to choose from for those special times when you do go out.  We have everything to choose from – fresh fish and seafood, juicy burgers, steaks, you name it, we probably have it here in Destin!

Entertainment such as renting jet skis, parasailing, sailboating or deep sea fishing can get expensive.  Spending time playing on the beach or the pool is included in your hotel expense, take advantage of this often and that will allow for more special occasion events.

With a little planning and managing your budget wisely your family should be able to enjoy a fine quality vacation in Destin.

Call us today at The Sea Oats Motel for more information on rates and availability at 833-803-3320.