Sea Oats Motel wants to see your feet in the sand!

Memory Makers

Everyone’s least favorite part about vacations is when they end.

Once your vacation is over you sometimes can’t help but reflect on what it is that you accomplished and the things that you’re leaving behind.

What sticks out the most in your mind? What thought leaves you longing for your return?

Is it the fresh seafood that seems to be available around every corner? Grilled and seasoned to perfection, one bite leads to another then another. Next thing you know, it’s disappeared from your plate and you’re left wanting more.

Is it the tranquility you can find on the beach? There’s a deep feeling of peace that can be found when it’s just you, the crashing waves and your thoughts. Early riser or night owl, if you find the beach without a crowd then you owe it to yourself to slow your pace and check it out.

Is it the shopping? The endless selections ranging from high-end items in designer boutiques to the well priced knick-knacks that can be obtained from a small shop located off in the cut can be quite the temptation for those that prefer retail therapy.

Is it the boost of adrenaline you get from living on the edge? Bungee jumping, para-sailing, skydiving, waverunners; all the heart pumping activities that you can find out here will leave you ready to request your vacation days for next year.

Maybe it’s the fishing that you’ll miss the most? Watching the sun rise or set on the water while you catch your food can definitely become habit forming!

One thing that everyone says they’ll miss the most is the friendliness of our staff and the convenience of our location. We’re on Scenic Hwy 98, just a few steps from the beach and just mere minutes away from all the fantastic shopping, food and activities you’ve heard so much about.

No matter what it is that keeps you coming back, Sea Oats has terrific news for you. You can stay as long as you want! We offer very affordable rates and that can let you extend your vacation for another week or two. Maybe even a month!