The Menu Mag – It’s what’s for dinner.

So you’ve checked in with us at Sea Oats Motel and Management Company.

You’ve unpacked the car and spent the first day on the beach. You’ve managed to wrangle all of the kids and get everyone clean and ready to go out for dinner. Now here is the problem. With so many great restaurants in Destin, how do you decide where to go?

You could do it the old fashioned way and break out the Yellow Pages and call a few restaurants to decide. You could do a Google search for local restaurants and look at the menus. Or you could look in The Menu Mag – The Ultimate Guide to Dining & Nightlife.

The Menu Mag is a publication where many local restaurants present their menus all in one place. Not only do you get the menus but you also get other helpful information like does the restaurant have WiFi, a kid’s menu, a bar? The hours of operation, average price, address and phone numbers are all in there as well.

There are even some great coupons for some restaurants in the back of the magazine.

If you can not find a copy of The Menu Mag you can always go to the website. This is an easy to navigate site where you can find all of the information printed in the publication. You don’t have to do several searches for different restaurants because they are all in one place.

Be sure and book your next vacation with Sea Oats Motel and Management. We are very proud of our community cuisine. We would love for you to try some of our own in house dining or our knowledgeable staff can always point you in the right direction for some of Destin’s other excellent dining.

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photo credit: kbtrafficman via photopin cc